Het belang van thuis bloeddruk meten

Het belang van zelf de bloeddruk thuis te meten werd door vele wetenschappelijke studies aangetoond.

We bieden u hier de samenvattingen van enkele belangrijke studies aan ter informatie:

Benefit of home blood pressure measurement after a finding of high blood pressure at a community screening.

What a high prevalence of white coat hypertension in society!

Efficacy of a home blood pressure monitoring programme on therapeutic compliance in hypertension: the EAPACUM-HTA study.

Self-monitoring of blood pressure promotes achievement of blood pressure target in primary health care.

Use of home blood-pressure monitoring in the detection, treatment and surveillance of hypertension.

Home blood pressure measurement a systematic review.

Prognostic significance of blood pressure measured in the office, at home and during ambulatory monitoring in older patients in general practice.

Effectiveness of self-monitoring of blood pressure in white coat hypertension diagnosis. Rationale and design

Self-measured home blood pressure in predicting ambulatory hypertension.

Home blood pressure is as reliable as ambulatory blood pressure in predicting target-organ damage in hypertension.

Relative utility of home, ambulatory, and office blood pressures in the prediction of end-organ damage

Which measurement of home blood pressure should be used for clinical evaluation when multiple measurements are made?

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring CABPM): clinical characteristics of 31,530 patients

Self-Measurement of Blood Pressure at Home Reduces the Need for Antihypertensive Drugs. A Randomized, Controlled Trial.

The optimal schedule for self-monitoring of blood pressure by patients at home.

Home-measured blood pressure is more strongly associated with electrocardiographic left ventricular hypertrophy than is clinic blood pressure: the Finn-HOME study.

Cost-effectiveness of the introduction of home blood pressure measurement in patients with office hypertension

Effectiveness of home blood pressure monitoring, Web communication, and pharmacist care on hypertension control: a randomized controlled trial.

Diagnosis of hypertension in children and adolescents based on home versus ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

How and why do patients use home blood pressure monitors?

Call to action on use and reimbursement for home blood pressure monitoring: executive summary: a joint scientific statement from the American Heart Association, American Society Of Hypertension, and P

Home blood pressure monitoring: a new standard method for monitoring hypertension control in treated patients.

Can validated wrist devices with position sensors replace arm devices for self-home blood pressure monitoring? A randomized crossover trial using ambulatory monitoring as reference

The applicability of home blood pressure measurement in clinical practice: a review of literature.

Home blood pressure measurement: a systematic review.

Can an electronic device with a single cuff be accurate in a wide range of arm size? Validation of the Visomat Comfort 20/40 device for home blood pressure monitoring.

Day-by-day variability of blood pressure and heart rate at home as a novel predictor of prognosis: the Ohasama study.

Home blood pressure telemonitoring improves hypertension control in general practice. The TeleBPCare study.

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring versus self-measurement of blood pressure at home: correlation with target organ damage.

Oproep tot actie over het gebruik en de terugbetaling van bloeddrukmonitoring thuis

Self-measurement of blood pressure in arterial hypertension--preliminary results from the AMPA study.

Electronic monitoring of patient adherence to oral antihypertensive medical treatment: a systematic review.

A home blood pressure monitor equipped with a graphic function facilitates faster blood pressure control than the conventional home blood pressure monitor.

Self-measurement of blood pressure in arterial hypertension--preliminary results from the AMPA study.

A primary care pragmatic cluster randomized trial of the use of home blood pressure monitoring on blood pressure levels in hypertensive patients with above target blood pressure.

Optimal schedule for home blood pressure monitoring based on a clinical approach.

Controlling Evening BP As Well As Morning BP Is Important in Hypertensive Patients With Prediabetes/Diabetes: The JMS-1 Study.

The optimal home blood pressure monitoring schedule based on the Didima outcome study.

Morning hypertension assessed by home or ambulatory monitoring: different aspects of the same phenomenon?

Home-measured blood pressure is a stronger predictor of cardiovascular risk than office blood pressure: the Finn-Home study.

Home blood pressure monitoring in blood pressure control among haemodialysis patients: an open randomized clinical trial.

Use of home blood pressure monitoring and exercise, diet and medication compliance in Japan.

Impact of Blood Pressure Telemonitoring on Hypertension Outcomes:

Blood pressure goal in chronic kidney disease: what is the evidence?