Het belang van thuis bloeddruk meter

The optimal schedule for self-monitoring of blood pressure by patients at home.

J Hypertens. 2007 Oct;25(10):1992-7 Stergiou GS, Parati G. Hypertension Center, Third University Department of Medicine, Sotiria Hospital, Athens, Greece.

The optimal schedule for home blood pressure monitoring should represent the usual level of home blood pressure, give a reproducible value, and have prognostic ability. Therefore, outcome studies, as well as short-term trials assessing the reproducibility of home blood pressure, its stability over time and its relationship with ambulatory blood pressure should be taken into account.

A review of this evidence suggests that the optimal schedule should be based on 12-14 measurements, and even more measurements up to 25 are desirable. Morning and evening measurements should be obtained, with at least duplicate measurements per occasion.
Measurements on the initial day should preferably be discarded.